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PortBunny is a Linux-kernel-based port-scanner created by Recurity Labs. Its aim is to provide a reliable and fast TCP-SYN-port-scanner which performs sophisticated timing based on the use of so called "trigger"-packets. The port-scan is performed in 2 steps: First the scanner tries to find packets, to which the target responds ("triggers"). Second, the actual port-scan is performed. During the scan, the triggers, which were found in the first scanning-phase, are used to determine the optimal speed at which the target may be scanned.


New release!
The latest release version can be found here: PortBunny-1.1.1.tar.gz

The latest development-tarball can be found here: PortBunny050109-dev.tar.gz

The latest development version can be obtained from our public SVN-repository:

$ svn co

The slides from the presentation given at the 24th Chaos Communication Congress can be found here: Presentation Slides
A recodring of the presentation can be found here: Recording


Gentoo ebuild by Daniel:


Report any bugs or feature-suggestions to
Discuss PortBunny at #portbunny

PortBunny Shirts

Since we got such a cute bunny, we had to make T-Shirts.